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10 definitions by di

Abbreviation for Bad Vibe.
"oh man, taking thoes 4 shots of bacardi 151 after finishing off a 26er of appletons was a bad idea.. i've got BV!
by DI December 30, 2004
139 67
an assist
Eric Snow dished off a pass to Allen Iverson for the layup.
by DI August 15, 2003
158 92
Up yours.
By golly, good day to you sir!
by Di November 11, 2003
27 11
The act of refreshing umpteen times in the course of a day, week or month to see if there is fresh content.
I had nothing to do at work this afternoon, so I spent most of that time doocing.
by di October 14, 2004
25 13
the girl with all the talent and all the attitude and brains to go with it
as street and sweet as aaliyah
by di March 21, 2004
24 14
Superman or sometimes Batman and even Spiderman
Look in the sky! It's Di!
by Di September 14, 2004
1 3
the best and cutest girl on earth. plays the keyboards and has a great listening ear. cares alot for everyone, and makes an awesome youth leader. Gives the best hugs too.
"Hey dottieluv! How's the new scores coming along?"
by di February 03, 2004
0 2