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okay im fucking sick of people calling tom brady the most underrated quarterback in football. if he's so underrated to everybody, than why dont they just rate him higher? the media kisses his ass and call him underrated, well guess what guys? We're all watching the media to see how they rate quarterbacks. He is overrated if anything, and only does well because he has an amazing team to back him up. How well do you think he'd do if he were on the texans?
Sports Guy 1: Tom Brady is so underrated
Sports Guy 2: Yeah he's the most underrated player in football
Sports Guy 3: How can you guys kiss Tom Brady's all day on National TV just like everyone else and still call him the most underrated player in the game? Show some love to someone who deserves it, like joey porter, or vick, or even the third string punter for the lions.
by dgsdgsahgahgasha September 01, 2006

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