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A two-pair poker hand in which two queens or two kings are present. San Francisco is often generalized as having many homosexual individuals and being on the forefront of gay marriage; thus, having two queens, or "women", or two kings, or "men", creates a gay "wedding/marriage" and a San Francisco Wedding.
Joe, Sarah, Bob, and Anna are playing poker.

Joe: "I'll see your $20 and raise you $50"
Sarah: "I call. I've got a San Francisco Wedding."
Bob: "What's a San Francisco Wedding?"
Anna: "A two-pair with queens or kings, Bob. I've got a full house, though. PWN!"
by dghul July 11, 2009
A combination of the words shit and narsty, a modified version of the word nasty, which combined yield an adjective describing something that is utterly and horribly nasty.
John: "That woman is utterly disgusting. I wouldn't even look at her if we were the last two people on the planet."
Ben: "I know, man. She's shnarsty!"
by dghul July 26, 2009
The act of being homosexual or taking part in activities only an individual who is homosexual would take part in.
Sarah: "John was rainbowing so much at the party last night."

Eric: "I know. All that PDA with Ben was disgusting. We all know he's gay. He didn't need to show it."
by dghul May 29, 2009

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