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An acronym for "More Socialist Nonsense & Bull Crap". Usually viewed by fucktards who are oblivious to the real world, and/or wine-sipping communists.
You must be watching MSNBC if you think that tax and spend policies fix the economy and the national debt.
#liberal #obama #democrat #communist #brainwash #brainwashed
by dferrari July 22, 2011
The Air Force ROTC defintition of the drawstring on ones PTU (physical training uniform) shorts.
Cadet 2d Lieutenant Malarky: "Cadet Wang, your dingle Dongle is hanging out. Fix it!"

Cadet Wang: "Yes Sir!"

Cadet 2d Lieutenant Malarky: "Cadet Wang, why did you join AF ROTC?!"

Cadet Wang: "Sir, this cadet joined to become an officer while circumventing the proper method of enlisting first and actually earning an officer rank. This cadet wants to be another shithead Lieutenant who came straight out of college with no real military experience, and be expected to lead men into combat and oversee Senior NCOs that have been in the service for 20+ years, while this cadet, in fact, has no experience."

Cadet 2d Lieutenant Malarky: "Ain't that the truth."
#rotc #jrotc #rotc cadet #civil air patrol #penis #cock #pecker #johnson #military #shlong #wang
by dferrari January 17, 2012
A site primarily meant for funny, real-life definitions of words and slang terms, but is also used by pompous fags to define the actual "textbook" meanings. This act is completely pointless and defeats the purpose of Urban Dictionary. If you want the "official" definition, look it up on Google or something you asshole. Stop ruining Urban Dictionary and get a life.
I went on Urban Dictionary to look up gay , and some pretentious asshole tried to be all proper and shit by writing some retarded, politically correct definition. What an ass.
#definition #define #slang #pompous #pretentious
by dferrari July 22, 2011
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