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an unwillingness to recognize, like those around you, that your head is up your rear end, and you like it there.
by deviant May 08, 2003
1.satan in human form.
2.member of leftover crzack.
stza, satan, same person!!
by deviant February 07, 2005
The stimulation of the female genitalia in a public place until the female is brought to climax. Fellatio in public.
Great night last night - I grobelchucked your sister.
by Deviant November 25, 2003
Female Genitalia. See cunt, snatch etc.

Adapted from the name of the author Lemony Snicket. (pseudonym)
i'd love to get inside her salmony snicket
by Deviant September 22, 2004
The term "forum whore" is often misinterpreted to be a negative one, and incorrectly so. The very essence of a forum whore prevents it from having a negative implication. Whilst many ban happy news admins would seek to be a forum whore based on their post count and "attitude", one can only become a forum whore through having both a high post count and an attitude that prevents them from caring about the definition of a forum whore.
Not Kronix, that's for sure.
by Deviant August 09, 2004
an erection, derived from hard on, see wordbonerword, wordstiffyword
oh my, that sailor has a yard arm as big as a fence post.
yes, i'd like to post myself on that one.
by deviant July 24, 2003
a little like the word 'bad' when it first came to fashion in the early 90s, (late 80s), murky's meaning is twofold. It is the new word for "shady", which basically means something is sly - a sneaky manoevre on some filth (a chick) can be sly, or a devious burglar could be sly.
that shizzle was murky, you proper murkied on that filth yo. Word to dat murkiness my nizzle. sheeit.
by deviant March 27, 2004
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