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A common word used to describe any sorry, stupid,lazy person, this word has been around in black culture for quite a while. This word is almost always accompanied by the word "mothafucka".
"Get the fuck out of my house right now, you ignorant ass, pootbutt mothafucka!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004
A funny nickname for the main character of GTA3, nice alternative to, "the mute dude from GTA3". People call him this in reference to the way Maria kept calling him this throughout the game.
"Good old Fido, he's living proof actions speak louder than words, only a true badass can takeover an entire town and not have to say a single word to anyone!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004
This is some classic ghetto slang that arose from one of John Witherspoons classic routines that can be seen in "Hollywood Shuffle". Hoecake is a cake made from some type of indian recipe, it's called hoecake because in the old days people really cooked them on the blades of hoes.

The whole slang punchline for this was John saying he wants to start marketing hoecakes for his restaurant because, "Hoes gotta eat too!"
"Come on girl and try some of this hoecake, you know hoes gotta eat too!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004

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