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Beyond just a strange situation. This is where you itch your head and get the fuck out of there. Weird shit is something that occurs that can't be fully understood why and how it happened. It should be left alone in most cases.

You do NOT want to be around weird shit when it happens. If you want to take a look at some weird shit, then do it from a large distance away from the weird shit.
The man approaches the dancing Polar Bear wearing a cowboy outfit out in the desert.
The man was later found next to a cactus raped by the polar bear.
This is why you get the fuck out when you see weird shit.
by Deti October 07, 2009
This occurs when a purple nurple causes someone to bleed out of there nipple.
Nath: Wow that purple nurple made Mak bleed out of his nipple. Mak: Yea.. Red Mercy.
by Deti June 02, 2009
A made up word that has no meaning. A word that people use in sentences and make people beleive its an actual word.

People type !ud jiggalawhoits and say amazing things about it, just to lure other people into typing it and then having that person feel abused or taken advantage of.

If your looking this word up because someone used it in a sentence.. then you got lured.
Deti: !ud jiggalawhoits
Deti: Wow I wish I had one of those
Other Person: !ud jiggalawhoits
Other Person: No such entry. ;(
Deti: Lol you !uded it.
by deti December 05, 2009
Someone who obsesses over rules and will do anything to stop someone who breaks them.
Mack Boss: Why did you break my arm?
Joe Wrestler: You broke the rules.
by Deti June 05, 2009
too pass gas uncontrollably
Makaaveli: Why did the chicken cross the road. To get to the other side.
Nathan: Wow, I just lafted so hard that I pissed and shitted my pants at the same time!
by Deti May 31, 2009
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