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2 definitions by detective_tg9

Tarantula tuh-ran-chuh-luh
• noun, plural (las)

1. A busted female anus. One acquires such an asshole when it becomes over populated by the male genitalia.
The term "tarantula" is used in this context because of how anal wrinkles spread out like that of a spider's legs.
If the girl's asshole is hairy, this further solidified the fact that she has a tarantula.
Before I met Aaron's new girlfriend, he showed me a picture of her tarantula on the internet. I couldn't look her in the face.
by detective_tg9 August 12, 2009
Similar to: Milk sisters

When three or more females living under the same roof have all had sexual intercourse with the same man. They are probably decently slutty and may have made a sport out of landing the same guys as each other. This is thought of as a bonding experience, and will be discussed in detail at the man's expense.

Although it will be understood among the girls that none of them are special to him, because of the jealous nature of a female, it is a courtesy for the sexual acts to occur outside of the women's home. If not, that just makes it a brothel.
Girl 1: Hey, I just got back from Molly's house. Did you know her and her roommates have all slept with Doug?

Girl 2: Yeah, I heard they were running a regular milk sorority over there.
by detective_tg9 May 20, 2011