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A type of drink, like Lemonade but made with Pomegranates.
The flesh of which is the same colour as your Liver because it's named after the Titan Prometheus who was punished by Zeus for stealing fire and his punishment was to be tied to a rock foe eternity (that's where the Granite comes from in Pomegranate) and Eagles were sent down to peck out his liver, therefore Pomegranate and the drink Promenade
Henry loved Promenade and thought it was nice and fizzy. Therefore he named his series of classical concerts after his favourite drink.
by DetailedSubset August 16, 2011

The title used to refer to the wives of former presidents H. W. Bush and G. W. Bush during their respective time in office.

A type of woody plant, smaller than normal trees that, through some quirk of the system, has inherited a noble title and the attached ancestral lands.

A woman's pubic hair.
(tv anchor) The wife of our glorious leader, Lady Bush, was spotted walking in the woods leaving a trail of bread. Her reasons for this are as yet unknown

(butler) M'lady, may I offer you some tea? or perhaps a shovel full of dung?

"Margaret! I waxed my Meat Venetians, now there are pubes everywhere!
by detailedsubset February 01, 2013
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