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A Chode Warrior is a person you know who mooches everything you have that they want. Chode Warriors take advantage of any kindness they see. Chode warriors will constantly bum your smokes, eat your food, drink your tasty beverages, and sleep on your couch.
Ex. 1
Person A: Hey man, can I bum a smoke?
Person B: Dude, I've bummed you smokes all week. Stop being such a Chode Warrior

Ex. 2
Person A: Brandon is staying with me for a few days.
Person B: You shouldn't let him. He's a Chode Warrior
by destructamental July 04, 2009
DLC for Rock Band by The Who that if you FC it on expert drums, You become Jesus for 15 minutes.
Person 1 - "Dude, I just FC'd Young Man Blues on expert drums!"

Person 2 - "zOMG, The Second Coming!"
by destructamental September 02, 2008

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