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Comes from the common term for butthurt, but with female use of the word. Or either way. Means someone gets hurt and feels disappointed or pissy super easily over something, can also mean a girl is PMSing and they are very sensitive at the time.
ex. ''okay we get it, your twathurt, so stop talking shit to make yourself feel better, bitch''
by destinyxdgaf September 15, 2010
Level AFTER sloppy seconds, after your with, or hookup with someone, they go for another person and shit happens, then eventually you go back to that same first person for more.
ex. ''You got my dirty thirds last nightt, kid xD I hit that ages ago!''
by destinyxdgaf September 14, 2010
Hardcore cunt ass bitch. Someone giving really bad disrespectful attitude towards another person.
ex: Jess came home to a trashed house and someone passed out drunk on the floor, turns out the cuntxwhore nextdoor neighbors invited themselves over.
by destinyxdgaf September 15, 2010

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