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It's when two dudes high-five with their moustaches. To an outsider it might look totally gay, but between the two dudes, it's totally manly. Sometimes followed by heavy groping and actual kissing.
"Moustache Five right now!"
*pound moustaches*
"Yeah! But that part where you lingered was kinda weird."
by Desmond White November 30, 2009
When you use beer as a marinating sauce for bratwurst. The food product can then be called beer meat. Beer bratting is a mancraft.
"These brats here, you beer bratting them, fuck?"
"Mang, I nated these suckas with Miller High Life then fucked two chicks and now I'm dead."
"You is suitable for non-gay gay marriage because that's fucking TIGHT shit."
by Desmond White November 30, 2009
A marriage between two people of the same gender who are not gay. Usually considered the pinnacle of a bromance where two bro's decide to become partners for life in a straight way. This is like in that movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." Although Chuch and Larry were pretending to be gay, they were actually two straight men who married for reasons involving pensions or something.
"Don't worry man, everyone here knows this is a non-gay gay marriage."

"You wanna have sex?"
by Desmond White November 30, 2009
a black asian mexican.
Daughter: "Mom, Dad, this is my blaisican."
Blaisican: "I am having lots and lots of sexual relations with your child, constantly."
by Desmond White December 01, 2009
When you get beaten up by a bunch of dudes. Sorta the plural form of manhandled, because menhandling sounds weird.
"fool, you better get out or you're gonna get mandalized"
by Desmond White November 30, 2009
An uber ho. She's not just a slut, she's slut slut. She's not just slut slut, she's slutily slut slut. It's intense.
"That chick so slutily slut slut, she be seeding semen demons all over my couch."
"That didn't make any sense."
by Desmond White November 30, 2009
Anything pertaining to ladies. Lady things can range from tea parties to bodily functions. Generally a sore topic amongst men (in fact, you'll probably never hear a man refer to a lady thing as a "lady thing.")
"you hook with louise last night?"
"nah she bored my boner with all this talk about lady things."
"wow, never say 'lady things' again."
by Desmond White December 01, 2009
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