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1 definition by desktopp

One of the three current-gen or next-gen consoles as you may call it(them).More sturdy,reliable,ect. than the xBox 360.Some(PS3) gamers use this as a downfall to the xBox 360. XBOX 360 users do have more choices for games(that is until' the XBOX 360 scratches the disc).I like the PS3 better though considering a long history of gaming on the PS family. I do have a 360 but i really like free online play for PS3. I don't hate the 360,take note of that
helghast(killzone):I got a PS3
ODST trooper(halo):I got a 360
helghast:how bout saturday i'll go to ur dimension and try out ur 360
ODST troop: k,on sunday i'll go to ur dimension and try out ur PS3.
morale: we all be happy
by desktopp March 28, 2009