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when one is stuck in a wild fire and they are near a pot bush and they inhale the smoke and then get stoned
"it was so sad when austin was in that wild fire"
"yeah but i hear he at least had a tree named willie"
by desicraig July 02, 2009
when its time for some extreme jubilation to happen
"dude its bega time"
by desicraig July 02, 2009
when someone is puking so much that in the prosses of puking they start to sing like a pussy like billie joel
he was so shitfaced that when he was puking he pulled a billie joel upchuck
by desicraig July 02, 2009
when some asshole goes into the middle of a lake, drops thier swimming suits, lays out dookie
"dude, liam and bridget saw the blue whale that brendan took"
by desicraig July 02, 2009

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