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A Hindu book devoted to sex. Hindus are open about sexual acts of all kinds and accepting of it and consider it truly sacred and pleasurable at the same time.
It was a book written way before anyone of these snooty British people mistranslated it and gave it different views. It is a sacred book of India. No wonder we had such healthy sex lives....unlike those uptight judeo-christian-muslim people.
Unfortunately, this book has been portrayed by the dman britons in two ways: as a SEX book, or as something else so farfetched, it's dumb. Damn, u guys eyes have been opened up by this book. Sex is a sacred act that is pleasurable and needed at the same time. Hindus are open about it and have been for ten's of thousands of yrs.
this scripture should not be mocked.
The Kama Sutra is based on Kama, Lord of Love.
by desi_ma April 13, 2003

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