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bizarro world! the concept of Big Brother turned into reality. someone's keeping an eye on you. if your grass is a cm too long, you receive a warning, then perhaps get evicted. No property in Irvine you own is truly yours. snoozefest. A great population of Starbucks lovin yuppies. home of Emo kids and "Punk" kids who'd freak out if they had to live in neighboring Santa Ana. No culture, no character. don't dare paint your house Pink, Beige is the official color of Irvine, no approval needed. the whole city is Beige, physically and spiritually. zzzz!!!
"welcome to Irvine, be quiet!!!"
by desclassified May 07, 2006
the one and only. infinite souce of energy and delight. extraordinaire, epitome of coolness.
there's that cool cat, THE boom shankar!
by desclassified May 07, 2006

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