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1 definition by derrick00762

90% of all "christians"
"Islam is a religion spread by hatred and war!" says the christian sniper as the .308 from his rifle sails into the head of a young muslim militant.

"Accept christ and follow the bible and you will go to heaven" says the priest as he rapes a small boy.

"The Lord is a big part of my life." Says the man as he drinks a beer, smokes a cigarette, and admires his cross tattoo.
"Oh yeah, we go to church every Sunday." says his girlfriend who just had protected, pre-marital sex with him.

I'm not saying i'm against any of that stuff (except rape, get your own pussy, or dick if thats your thing) but don't claim christianity then go against all it's teachings, and become the definition of hypocrite. Most christians are just athiest without the balls to accept it and/or admit it.
by derrick00762 August 01, 2007