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Just standard ejaculation but when you "pop" you howl like chewbacca stubbing his toe.
Yeah last thing i saw was her head in his crotch and he was howling in throes of Chewbaculation.
by derekgibney July 10, 2008
The ability to be both aroused and afraid at the same time.
When i noticed the third nipple jesus i was afroused.
by derekgibney August 15, 2006
Fetal /Foetal Attraction
An bewildering attraction to a heavily pregnant woman. So bewildering that you suspect even the baby wants it.
I saw her do laps of the pool and then she got out and had that huge pregnant stomach, It was a total fetal attraction i knew right then i had to be inside her.
by DerekGibney July 07, 2008
Small greasy hands, that remind a person of the hands of a carnival worker. Sometimes the smell of unwashed root vegetables will evoke a memory of carnie hands.
Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin: Carnius Handius
...Seriously that girl Pauline has the oddest carnie hands you cant tell if shes playing the cello or petting a dog.
by DerekGibney June 22, 2006
Just generally lusting after corn
wanting a corn on the cob so much it gives you an erection.
From the french latin CorniusHorni
I can smell it cook its giving me the cornhorn
by derekgibney August 08, 2006
Having two perfectly good eyes but being so ignorant you use only one, causing you to look a little like a pirate staring at the sun.
Man that gallery kid is a roryeyed fool, he's been squinting so much he should own a parrot.
by DerekGibney February 27, 2008
An ex-girlfriend, boyfriend or lover who is simply forgetting things about you.

This is sometimes selective memory or the person could just be an idiot.
Yeah we met, we talked, then the Amnesiex had no idea of the entire month we spent on my couch watching the wire. I mean she bought the dvds!.
by derekgibney May 24, 2009

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