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Pronounced (dru-MON-jee)


An Italian fellow of generous stature. Big in life and love. Known for hollering/yelling, gambling, golf, good times and red meat.

Drewmangi men have been noted fraternizing local poker games, Vodka distilleries and Red Bull distributors.

Sought after for their slow pitch softball slugging acumen and grandiose tales of sexual conquests.
Curly Haired Dude: "That kid is such a drewmangi ..."

Mexican Dude: "Yeah, well he took all of my money last night and then yelled some republican rhetoric at me and my girl."

Bald Dude: "That shit is whack!"
by derPhilth January 23, 2010
(adj) The cool, laid back guy in a group of male friends. Usually bald and/or losing hair. In some instances, he may sport a wave. He may be from any race or ethnic background.

A butterz kind of guy is respected for his music and liquor preferences. They are extremely passionate about professional sports franchises as well "beer games" (noting to excel in beer pong).

Some "butterzes" may be inclined to enjoy the "earth smoke".
Dude #1: "Hey, did you hear what that butterz just said about the new Belvedere Vodka?!"

Dude #2: "Yeah, it was shit."

Dude #1: "He knows his stuff!"

Dude #2: "We should hangout with him more. I have a feeling he'd make a perfect butterz for our crew!"
by derPhilth January 15, 2010

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