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A term used to describe a relationship based on falseness. Sometimes referred to as FC.
Dat dude wants to be related to me so I call him my 'Fake Cousin' or 'FC'.
by Denmaniac January 05, 2009
Term used to describe an individual whose only purpose is to re-communicate previously given information or directive, especially in a work environment.
That dude is an RC, cause my boss already said that!

There he go again, that re-communicator!
by denmaniac April 01, 2009
Accurate term used to describe the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 21st Century, as they stole, or bought, Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII.
The steAlerz are the recorded as the 'winners' of Super Bowl XL, but we all know the truth.
by denmaniac April 01, 2009
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