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The 43rd SuperBowl, with the most history made. A match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, resulting in a win by the Steelers with a score of 27-23.

The most history was made during this game.

The come back in which the Cardinals caught up 13 points beating the previous record of Ten.

James Harrison ran 100 yards across the football field to make a touchdown. The greatest amount of yards covered by a player.

The Steelers became the first ever franchise team to win the SuperBowl a total of six times.

The first time the Cardinals had ever been in the SuperBowl.

"Dude, did you see SuperBowl XLIII last night?"

"No, why?"

"History was made."
by denman95 February 01, 2009
A quote used in a team effort, too play the best they possibly can. Originated from the Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison who scored a touchdown, whilst covering the feild area of a 100 yard, the longest yard run in the history of the SuperBowl.
"I don't know man this is too much pressure."

"You'll be fine man, just Do a Harrison"
by denman95 February 01, 2009
When Russian immigrants speak a mix of Russian in English making no conversation understandable to a pure russian or an American.
Nu, hows Jobota
Dude I'm american If you want to ask me how my job is stop speaking ruglish.
by denman95 January 31, 2009
Whilst having an argument with a person your opponent says the words "And no buts, or ifs", and you cannot show your point without saying these words, you have been but-boxed.

This either leads to pointless arguments or the ending of one, where the but-boxed person admits defeat.
"Tell me did you sleep with Sarah"
"Yeah but.."
"No ifs or buts"
"I just got but-boxed"
by denman95 January 31, 2009
A word used two show multiple emotions. It is a conjunction of the word err and okay and it means "Um, okay".

It is used to show confusion or lack of enthusiasm in what somebody is saying.

Errkay?-shows confusion
Errkay.... - shows lack of enthusiasm
"Dude there was this girl and she had this thing where her place in the face where it should or may not be yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow, and the Beatles rock.

"So the square root of three times five would be a decimal greater or less than x. Find y. I found it can you believe it!


by denman95 January 31, 2009
Slang used in Call of Duty genres meaning, too trick an opponent by going opposite the way he expects you, thus far making you trick him and kill him using the element of surprise.
"Dude he so wants me too go to the c4 package."

"Alright, flank him then."
by denman95 February 01, 2009

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