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1. A condom that is found under a bed months after having sex.

2. An insult used to replace words such as asshole, jerk, etc.
1. "Uhhh...I found a crunchy condom under my bed yesterday when I was cleaning...fookin' nasty."

2. "Meghan, you are such a crunchy condom, STOP TELLING ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!!!"
by demonic_angel June 10, 2007
A face that is made while getting a tattoo or body piercing, usually made in jest, but some are legit.

1. It didn't really hurt when I got my tattoo, I just made some pain faces for the camera.

2. It hurt like a bitch when I got my tongue pierced, I couldn't help but make the pain face.
by demonic_angel November 10, 2008
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