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Crazy; off the hook; booty rockin' everywhere; nuts; abnormal; Ty Conklin, crunk
Gary: "I remember in the Stanley Cup finals in 1995-96, Florida was absolutely bizonkers."
by demondg1 November 04, 2008
1. a concluding remark or gesture at parting - often used interjectionally
2. a taking of leave
3. goodye
4. see you later
John S.: I'm Out of here.
Mike R.: Wash your ass.
by demondg1 August 06, 2010
One of german decent.
Man, that Umbel sure does love his sauerkraut.
by demondg1 May 31, 2005
Basketball term for when an individual finishes a game with more fouls than points scored.
Alfred: Momo, you tore it up out there today.
Momo: Damn straight. Triple double.
Alfred: Man, Bebop sure did suck out there today.
Momo: Word. Dude up an got a manu ginobili.
by demondg1 June 11, 2007

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