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4 definitions by demon71

Those annoying drivers that we seem to get behind every morning on our way to work that are going 5 mph slower then the speed limit.

Tourists that are site seeing and causing traffic backups because they are going 5 under the speed limit.
Sorry I'm late boss. I got behind two 5 unders on my way in this morning.
by Demon71 October 29, 2010
phenomenon resulting from lack of status updates on Facebook.
I checked my Facebook this morning and saw post holes. Greg must be on vacation again. He has not posted anything for a couple of days.
by demon71 September 01, 2010
The evidence of massive load after flushing.
After a huge turkey dinner Mike dropped a massive load in the porcelain bowl as evidenced by the turd brushed marks left after flushing.
by demon71 November 25, 2012
The lack of sound that a bug makes when it hits your windshield. This is caused from hot dry weather and no bug juice.
It has been so hot and dry out that when Pat and I were driving down the road we ran into a swarm of bugs and had nothing but dry splats which leave no marks on the windshield.
by demon71 August 11, 2010