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A cockblocker so talented it seems that he can block 8 cocks simultaneously.
"Man, that cockblocktopus is killing that whole section of the bar".
by demar77 March 30, 2008
a person named todd that is retarded or that acts retarded.
"Don't laugh, but ReTodd just asked me to go to RenFair with him"!
by demar77 March 30, 2008
The plaintive, anguished wail of a diarrhea sufferer whilst making hot mudslides.
Barely an hour after eating 3 bowls of Steve's chipotle chili, the alarming sounds of Wilhelm's diarrhoar were drowning out the television.
by demar77 January 05, 2012
v.- Diarrheading is the act of reading on the toilet bowl whilst engaged in a loose and/or sloppy or complicated bowl movement.

Diarrheading can also be used to describe the actions of an individual who takes an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom due to their enjoyment of their chosen reading materials.
(spoken in frustration and addressing the bathroom door) "I know you drank too many belgian quadruples last night Steve, but you've been diarrheading in there for at least half an hour already"!!!
by demar77 March 10, 2010
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