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4 definitions by deluna

n. a male who has sex with as many women as possible
Wilt Chamberlain was the king henslayer, supposedly sleeping with 20,000 women.
by deluna June 30, 2006
1024 5
v. to leave, be on your way.
you: are you ready to go?

me: let's shake ass.
by deluna June 30, 2006
74 7
n. cellulite. moslty cellulite on thighs.
you: Did you see that girl walk by in those shorts? Damn, that was some ass.

me: Her ass looked good but she was showing too much lumpy gravy.
by deluna June 30, 2006
62 6
n. a hit to a man's genitals.
I gave him a wacky duck after he stepped on my foot.
by deluna June 30, 2006
52 9