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n. a male who has sex with as many women as possible
Wilt Chamberlain was the king henslayer, supposedly sleeping with 20,000 women.
by deluna June 30, 2006
v. to leave, be on your way.
you: are you ready to go?

me: let's shake ass.
by deluna June 30, 2006
n. cellulite. moslty cellulite on thighs.
you: Did you see that girl walk by in those shorts? Damn, that was some ass.

me: Her ass looked good but she was showing too much lumpy gravy.
by deluna June 30, 2006
n. a hit to a man's genitals.
I gave him a wacky duck after he stepped on my foot.
by deluna June 30, 2006

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