1 definition by delorice

a rather palatable human being of the teenage variety (usually), who will always show an inteligent side, always gets 137% in tests, and will lick a teachers arse clean. however outside of school and work will surprise their equaintances by 'risking death''and jump of 16 storey high bulidings while shouting of their love of einstien & the like. also ive known one to adopt the look of a chav (VERY VERY VERY dangerous act) for scientific purposes... basicly they rock!!
saskia: hello old chum, looks like i got the highest in the class AGAIN
christine: it would appear so
saskia:*jumps off school stage to amazement of cheerleaders & the general public* ooooooooo look at the force at which my body propelled from the stage..*calculates*
by delorice August 05, 2005

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