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Italians are located in the southern part of of Europe. thay are a particularly cultured country. If you see one, don't call him a "Don". He will punch you in the face and walk away. Italy is also known for its music. such artists as Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65, Emanuele Inglese, as well as all the opera people.
Italy is a leading manufacturer of automobiles. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Pagani all are very successful Italian auto makers. In the WRC (World Rally Championship) Lancia holds the record for most consecutive wins. From 1987 to 1992 the Lancia Delta won six Championship titles. Italy is most famous for it's food; lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, prosciutto. The Italians that i know are very friendly. Italian exchange students are very fun. From my experiences Italian exchange students are the best. They cook, clean, and are a joy to have around.
American guy to Italian guy "Hey i was just wondering, What is it like to live in Italy?"

Italian guy to American "It's great! I miss all the Italians."
by deli.it July 23, 2009

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