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ok whoever wrote the #2 thing about seton hall prep is an idiot because delbarton has less state championship win then seton hall in hockey and has half the skill. the only reason delbarton has ever been good is because their kids are just big. seton ahll goes for speed and skill and has much better coaching than delbarton. i know this because the head coach of delbarton used to be the assistant at seton hall so obviously he isn't as good. Delbarton's team has always been led by 1 player who is really good and this has enabled them to actually compete sometimes yet they still can't win as many state championships as seton hall. seton hall is and always will be known as the best hockey school in NJ and now that delbarton has lost some of the best players its seen ( dale reinhart, ned crotti, mike durso, and mike del mauro) they are not going to even be able to compete with the power house team seton hall prep has
try to say seton hall prep sucks at hockey when u have as many state championships as them!
by delbarton is gay August 30, 2005

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