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2 definitions by delavi Crow

in reference to the Shutterbox series.

one of the Six Tenets.

this one states: "The lesser sum total of the universe was created by the unconscious God, that which is God only in action and scope but not in mind."

Steward: Princess Pippi of the Archangel Cats, the Angel of Life Everlasting
Elle : There aren't many somniatheists in the world.
Jay : Whats a somni-whatta?
Elle : One who believes in Somniatheism. :3
by delavi Crow October 13, 2007
from the Shutterbox manga series, the world on which the muses exist, home to Merridiah University, as well as many gothenmello cities, in which the people are born, die, and reborn.
has 2 parts: the surface world of muses, Merridiah, and the underworld of banshees, Immeserriah.
To spend an afterlife in Merridiah would be a far better existence than life on Earth.
by delavi Crow October 13, 2007