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(AIB), a Filipino blood gang residing in southeast San Diego. Asian Insane Boys(AIB) is a subset off a inactive blood gang called, B-Down Boys(BDB). Back in the 80's an 90's there was a blood alliance called the "Eastside Family"(ESF). Asian Insane Boys(AIB), B-Down Boys(BDB), Easy Going Pinoys, Bahala Na Gang(BNG), Kalaban(KLB), Kuduku(KDK), and various other blood gangs made this alliance. Over the past several years this alliance has broken up due to unknown actions. Several gangs also broke down and became inactive because of this. AIB and BNG remain the only gangs still active from the "Eastside Family" (ESF). AIB has 4 generations. The 1st and 2nd generations are known as the OG's and Big homies. Their 3rd generation has a couple Big homies that lasted, but the majority of that group were consider false bangers, or in gang related terms,"busters". Their 4th generation are the young ones of the gang. They are called the,"lil cats" or "lil homies". Their ages range from 14-20. AIB has been one of the most hated and feared gangs over the past 20 years in southeast San Diego and still are to this date.

by delarosa92 April 28, 2009

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