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When a person constantly talks, tweets and photographs the things that they've eaten. This is usually done so they can show off or shock others.
Skinny people tend to be attention eaters, uploading photos of cake or big roast dinners to Instagram with the caption "OMG, can't believe I ate all that #fatty.' They feel like sharing their food, means sharing the calories. Attention eaters will also tend to talk more about the act of eating food, than actually doing it.
"Michaela is such an attention eater. Her Instagram gallery contains the most calorific food, yet she's a size 8. I bet she doesn't even eat half of the things she photographs."

"God, you're such an attention eater. Stop showing off with all your homemade cakes and 5-course dinners."
#eat #eater #slim #fat #photo #photographs #pictures #food #dinner #meal
by delaforbes April 11, 2013
Drive-by Pubbing:

Drive-by Pubbing is the more luxurious and comfortable alternative to the familiar pub-crawl. Drive-by Pubbing often involves several individuals visiting pub after pub by the method of a moving vehicle (bus or taxi), vacating the transport whenever a pub takes the group’s liking. Drive-by Pubbing can be pre-planned or can be done spontaneously depending on the bus’ route, often with a final goal in mind.
The weather is so rubbish, let's just go drive-by pubbing.

Scrap the pub-crawl, let's go drive-by pubbing instead.
#drive-by #pub #pubbing #pub-crawl #transport
by delaforbes March 11, 2013
Schmadvertising is what you call really shit advertising.

It's also a term used to best describe the feeling when the ad industry fucks you over - Advertising, Schmadvertising.
Sorry, I can't meet you tonight. Just been put on a brief, deadline tomorrow. That's just Schmadvertising for you.
#advertising #shit #rubbish #marketing #industry
by delaforbes May 13, 2011
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