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Ballymun , working class area in dublin north city
ballymunners - slang for runners,
Ah Jasus, some fucker is after crepin me gaf an robbin me new ballymunners , ( A thief broke in to my house and stole my new runners )
by dekomiester July 09, 2009
" The Labour " Expression used by older working class Dubliners for social welfare office known in years gone as the labour exchange
(Young person)Excuse me mam, can you tell me me where the social welfare office is ?
( Old dear) whaa sonny ? welfare ?
( old dear ) Ahh Jasus yis mean the labour !!!
take the next left.
by dekomiester July 09, 2009
alternative definition of size queen , can be girl but usually guy,

materialistic bloke who buys the biggest of everything big lawn mower , big house , big sofa, big car,
Eg CrockadileDundees pocket knife,
bloke a) did you see Toms new Hummer , its huge.
bloke b) what about his dog , its a Great Dane,
bloke a) He is such a size queen
Bloke b) Well his wife fits he bill for sure , did you see the size of the hole on her ?
by dekomiester July 09, 2009
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