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Salsa Fever
A more sexy, politically and racially correct term used to denote a white or black persons sexual attraction to a Latino person of any nationality.
hey you know that nerdy white guy that works in receiving well he has got "Salsa Fever" bad for the new Puerto Rican girl in shipping.

tags:latin, fever, brown fever, latin relations, white and latin, mexican lover, latin lover, puerto rican, cuban, brazilian, south american
Yo, girl you know your ex Man Ray Ray I heard he got "Salsa Fever" apparently Laquisha saw him with a this little Cuban skeezer at the swap meet.

My sisters news boy friend is mexican, I guess "salsa fever" is just going around these days.
by dejay D-stone on Jan 19, 2010
by dejayD-stone January 19, 2010

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