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The week leading up the opening night of a theatrical performance.
Signs of hell week:
-Begging your teachers not to assign big tests/assignments during said week
-Not studying or preparing at all for the tests/assignments that get assigned anyways
-Not talking to people in the cast/crew during school because you know you're going to see them for hours after school anyways
-Stealthily dancing behind the curtains....come on, you know you do it!
-By Wednesday, it is nessecary to bring air freshener into the dressing room and the person who does is a hero
-Losing part your custume at some point during the week
-Some one will cry
-If you're not a theatre kid, then it's easy to tell the people who are because they're falling asleep in class
-Wearing your production T shirt all week
-If you're smart enough to stock up on food before rehearsal...you better hide it!
-You're used to the squeaks and other horrible noises that the microphones make during the first few days
-By the end of the last performance, everyone is family and most cry
Lead: This...*snif*...was...*snif*...the most amazing...*snif*...thing ever! *sob*
Extra: *hugs* *cries too*
Supporting role: Hell week is so worth it!
by defygravity137 April 19, 2011

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