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4 definitions by deftoned

DC slang for beer or hard liquor.
young let's step down to the store and get some junkst
by deftoned January 05, 2006
9 6
it means tied down, like you're busy doin somethin.

or held in, like too much 211 in your bladder.
"i was gonna step over here earlier but i got trussed up by my lady"


"i jive gotta piss before we step and it can't be trussed"
by deftoned January 05, 2006
7 5
basically means "on the spot" or "right then and there"..
young i got pulled over.. i just told that cop right off the break that i'd been drinkin n shit.
by deftoned February 08, 2006
12 13
"boh-deenz".. DC slang for police.
we were up in the Fresh Fields blazin and then them bohdeenz showed up so we split with the quickness
by deftoned January 14, 2006
4 13