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DC slang for beer or hard liquor.
young let's step down to the store and get some junkst
by deftoned January 05, 2006
it means tied down, like you're busy doin somethin.

or held in, like too much 211 in your bladder.
"i was gonna step over here earlier but i got trussed up by my lady"


"i jive gotta piss before we step and it can't be trussed"
by deftoned January 05, 2006
basically means "on the spot" or "right then and there"..
young i got pulled over.. i just told that cop right off the break that i'd been drinkin n shit.
by deftoned February 08, 2006
"boh-deenz".. DC slang for police.
we were up in the Fresh Fields blazin and then them bohdeenz showed up so we split with the quickness
by deftoned January 14, 2006

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