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an acronym for pound me in the ass.
Steal a car, get 10 years in pmita prison.
by definite lee February 22, 2005
The right for a team to bat in the last (bottom) half-inning of a baseball game, because the other team batted in the first (top) half-inning to start the game, so that each team gets an equal number of turns at bat.

In an organized game, the home team gets last licks. In informal games, players may forget which team batted first, so near the ending time of a game, a player whose team is behind in the score may call out to remind other players that his team has last licks.
You guys batted first, so we have last licks.
#baseball #inning #bottom half #home team #batting
by definite lee July 09, 2006
The pile of snow remaining around your car after the snow plow clears the street.
I have to go clear the plow turd around my car, before it freezes.
#snow #ice #plow #car #street
by definite lee December 16, 2007
Solicited Finger In the Ass. Less common sibling of UFIA, a cliche popular at fark.com .
(from fark...) Colon-cleansing clinic was actually selling SFIA.
by definite lee March 21, 2005
A person or animal that eats animals that are vegetarian.
I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a metavegetarian.
#vegetarian #meta #meatarian #meta-vegetarian #food
by definite lee April 26, 2007
to balance a spinning frisbee on your finger nail.
when my friend threw me the frisbee, i caught it with a nail delay, and it spun on my fingertip for ten seconds.
by definite lee June 03, 2005
Acronym for "rat infested fire trap" - a nasty dwelling.
I went to look at a new apartment today, but it was a rift.
#apartment #slum #ghetto #skanky #nasty
by definite lee February 22, 2007
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