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A case of diarrhea. The shits. The runs. Originated in Aroostook County in Maine.
Man, the food from that Chineese Restaurant down the street is terrible! I had the grunnys all night.
by defenestrator March 22, 2005
An alternate spelling of Pundy
Those stupid pundies bought up all the beachfront property and chase us off whenever we try to go fishing.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
Used to describe a discussion about religion that has devolved into a pointless shouting match or flamewar. It is analogous to the word Goodwin'd but specifically applies to a discussion about religion. Most commonly used on internet discussion threads.
Steve: I hate christians!

Dave: The secular heathens are destroying society!

Al: This thread had been Bevets'd. I'm out of here.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
A Chicken McNally is a more specific case of a McNally. The Chicken McNally is a McNally that is more likely to be made out of chicken (although it does not necessarily have to be chicken, since this term is most commonly used when stoned.)
Melvin: Dude, are those Chicken McNallys?

Rod: I don't know what they are, but they're really good, man.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
Alternate spelling of Goodwined. Most commonly used on internet discussion threads.
Steve: Bush = Hitler.

Dave: Goodwin'd!
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
A person from, or resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Massachusetts does not lend itself well to the typical suffixes (-ian, -er, etc.) attached to the name of a place to refer to someone who is from that place (perhaps because the name is not of English origin.) Thus, commonwealther is used as a reference to the fact that Massachusetts is officially designated as a Commonwealth instead of a State (although there is no legal distinction between a “state” and a “commonwealth” in the United States.).

There are three other "states" in the US that designate themselves as Commonwealths (Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia.) However, the usual suffixes are applied to them (Kentuckian, Pennsylvanian and Virginian) without issue, and so a new word is not needed to describe a resident of one of those states.
Bill's not a New Yorker, he's a Commonwealther.
by defenestrator March 20, 2005
Fake wood. Some object of low quality/price that is made to look like wood but is obviously not real wood.
My car has real woood paneling.
by defenestrator March 18, 2005

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