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the act of dipping your ballsac in a can of swansons chicken broth, then let a fat bitch lick it off. You can also use turkey, depending on the fat bitches preference
Hey Dawna, you up for a liitle swansons dip for dinner tonight.
#swansons #turkey #chicken #dip #ballsac
by deez testes May 22, 2012
the act of tryin to screw fat old bitches
Hey Mike,lets go cougarhoggin. Naw Chris, I like my hoes skinny, and young.
#cougar #hoggin #booty #alotavagina #old #fat #bitches
by deez testes May 22, 2012
The sexual act of taking a bitches leg, wrapping it around the back of her head, takin yhe other leg, wrapping it around your left ankle and giving her a flaming amazon. No to be confused with the boston half crab.
Man Chris you fucked that girl up.

Yep she was in the fully inverted huck a buck lastnight. Bitch aint gonna shit right for a week.
#fully #inverted #huck a buck #boston half crab #alotavagina
by deez testes May 22, 2012
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