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The most mysterious world that has ever been conceived.Most people around Cyrodiil have heard of the strange "Oblivion Gates" appearing everywhere,most of them have only heard rumors.Honestly,no one really knows about what had really happened at Kavatch,all we know is,Oblivion is a vast pit filled with deamons,and few survive this onslaught of choas.Your best bet to survive is to bring some strong potions of healing and a glass claymore.
A wild deadra spawned from the flaming hell that is Oblivion.
by deerinheat September 25, 2006
It is when you lightly tap a person on the shoulder,and if you're lucky you can knock the person out.
I will squall your sac.
by deerinheat September 27, 2006
A man that accidentally breaks his neck and dies trying to "go down" on himself.
A man in Kentucky got Whiplash while driving a car.
by deerinheat October 06, 2006
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