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2 definitions by deensters

A beautiful, flawless young lady who everyone falls in love with. In her spare time, she enjoys being awesome and fantastic. She also enjoys saving the world just by being herself. In addition, she has many friends and is quite popular; in fact, she is part of a famous band that makes great music. Overall, Dina is talented in every aspect. Be jealous.
"Dude, that girl looks like Megan Fox"

"Actually it's someone even better: it's Dina!"
by deensters February 04, 2010
317 113
The act of having balls in one's face.
When balls usually belonging to obnoxious guys who think they're funny, usually named Caleb, end up in the face usually belonging to sluts, usually named Justine.

(After Caleb shoves his balls in Justine's face)
Justine: Caleb, stop balling me!
by deensters November 16, 2010
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