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3 definitions by deekayCA

what facebook is
"Facebook is a time suck! I posted a funny picture after dinner and all of a sudden it's midnight!"
by deekayCA February 03, 2010
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putting down anyone or the general public in a Facebook post for something that one may perceive to be offensive (but may or may not be in reality); similar to gossiping.
Sara: posted a picture of someone not 'at their best' with the comment, "Oh, so who does this look like?! I laughed my ass off when I saw it! hahahaha!"

Brittany: thought to herself, "There goes Sara again, shamebooking her friends, doesn't she realize we see this?!?!"
by deekayCA February 03, 2010
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Def 1: some one that cannot assert themselves when necessary

Def 2: a problem an infant has when he/she cannot learn to breastfeed/suckle
Ex 1: "Mark said that guy was a weak suck because he was letting his ex-girlfriend walk all over him."

Ex 2: "The newborn could not get the nutrients needed due to the fact she had a weak suck."
by deekayCA February 03, 2010
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