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One who works in a bar or pub serving tasty beverages. In Ireland, a tap jockey is usually considered to hold a position of power and prestige, as it is s/he who regulates the supply of alcohol. Tap jockeys generally have little problem finding a roide.
"Jayz Mary, who's yer man behind the bar?"
"That's the new tap jockey - can't pour a Guinness to save his life, god bless us".
#bartender #barkeep #barman #barmaid #irish
by deduck July 20, 2010
Also known as Borris or TMB, Twomileborris is a small village in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Made famous first by Douglas Adams in his book "The Meaning of Liff" (1983) and then in the 90s by Dustin the Turkey in his song "I've never been to Meath". Soon became the Monaco of Ireland, with celebrities such as Anne Doyle and Dr Quirky buying up local properties. Comedian Pat Shortt and Olympian Tomás Coman originate from the area. The village has gained recent press for being the proposed site of a megacasino. It is also known for it's 13th century castle, it's motorway junction, it's oddly mooing cows and for it's notoriously contrary residents and expats (known as Borrisheads, typical names include Legs, Nogg, Shiner, Maaah, etc). Not to be confused with the manky village of Borrisoleigh.
Townie 1: Going out ta Borris for a few scoops in Baaaaaannon's?
Townie 2: You can write it down. Can't beat Borris skank.

Blow-in: Oh yah we bought urr property in Twomileborris in 2005 before the market went loike crrazy.
Villager: You're a dick.
#tipperary #borris #tmb #two-mile borris #shithole #blow-ins #best thing is the road out #cows
by deduck February 27, 2011
The correct pronunciation for donkey in Ireland. Rhymes with monkey. Any other pronunciation makes one an ass.
Who's takin' the dunky to France?
#ass #donkey #irish #dunkey #monkey
by deduck August 08, 2010
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