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verb - to punch, hit or otherwise hurt someone physically
bruss, if you don't quit running your mouth i'm gonna bop you
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
verb - to punch hit or otherwise hurt someone physically
bruss, if you don't quit running your mouth i'm gonna bop you
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
1. A dismissive and sometimes aggressive response to an insult, order, question, or statement. Used, to my knowledge, mainly in Central Australia. Literally means "how about you?" or "it is, in fact, you" or "how about questioning yourself instead of me, my friend, my girlfriend, my parents etc?"

2.Can also express amazement, excitement, or disbelief at an individual.

3. Can be used to aknowledge a person's presence. (often spoken very quickly)

4. Recently replaced(sometimes) with the soulja boy lyric: "YOOOUUUUUU!!!!" - accompanied with an index finger pointed at the intended person
1. "Dude you're a complete and utter fuckwit. What did you steal Sean's bottle of vodka for?" response: "You now".

2. "Hey mate I just won 4 Million dollars in the lottery!" response: "You Now!!"

3. Walkng into a party: "You now tim, you now grace, you now lachy etc."

4. "Oi man, give us a drag of your durrie" response: "YOOOUUU!!!" a la soldier boy crank that
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
where's tim? i think he's slingshotting penguins (or slingshotting a penguin)
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
Acronym for Fake Tan City - the name given to a place/group/area that is totally infested with 14 - 28 yr old females who have peroxide blonde straightened hair, a fuckload of foundation, perfect nails, and, of course, fake tans (these can be spray-on or permanent but usually spray-on is prefered)
-you know the type
Someone: how was the festival?
someone else: man, it was ok but it was total FTC
by declanisromped April 23, 2008
a derivitive of every - both words meaning:

1. The opposite to nuth
2. yes
3. hell yes
4. lots
5. everyone
6. indeed
7. (adjective)meaning very
1. tim: give me a durrie
declan: nuth
tim: ev
tim: ev
and so on...

2. "do you wanna go round to scrim rad neddie's place?"

3. "do you want to go round to scrim rad neddie's place for a phat romp?"

4. "How much sugar do you have in your coffee?"
"I have ev sugar in my coffee"

5. "Who is at the party?"
"Ev" or "Ev cunt"

6. "Did you really sleep with her??"

7. "How stoned are you?"
by declanisromped April 22, 2008
(Verb) To smoke a very large quantity of marijuana. Can be extended to the adjective romped as in stoned or to describe someones behaviour or appearence.
We just had the fattest romp!
This bloke has got romped eyes.
You were acting soo romped on saturday night
Man i'm fucking romped
by declanisromped April 20, 2008

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