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Stupid Bitch Disease - A mental condition (often inherited and semi-contagious) that strikes approximately one out of every three women in their early twenties. Symptoms include sudden and rampant sexual promiscuity,
compulsive lying, erratic mood swings, excessive and frivalous nagging, manipulative behaviour, and all-around evilness. Although there is no known cure, the condition usually lasts only 6-24 months and can be treated with bitch-slap therapy. Some acute cases, though rare, may develop into C.B.D. (Crazy Bitch Disease).
My friend has been really stressed out since his girl caught S.B.D.
by Decepticon September 26, 2004
Marijuana laced with cocaine.
Let's roll up some blau.


I took one hit off this shit and BLAU!!!
by Decepticon February 22, 2004
someone who posts on every thread out of boredom or as an attempt to feel a sense of belonging.
The nerd posted 1000 messages a day to the forum. The nerd was a true post whore.
by decepticon September 29, 2003

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