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Short way of saying "Jennifer" or "Jenna". Sometimes mistaken for Alex Trebek from Jeopardy.
"Hey man, did you see Jenners on TV last night?"
"WTF, there's no Jenners on the teevee!"
"Yeah there is, on Jeopardy!"
"Nahbrah, that'd be Alex Trebek."
by debtsxtopay November 22, 2007
A combination of please and jesus. Usually followed by the word "jesus" or used after "jesus".
Person A:"Pleaseus, jesus."
Person B:"Bitch nah."
A:"Jesus, pleaseus?"
B:"Nah, brah."
by debtsxtopay November 22, 2007
A way of saying "no, brother."
"You going to that party tonight?"
"Nahbrah, I got plans. You?"
by debtsxtopay November 22, 2007
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