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a hairy teenage girl that thinks shes the fucking hottest shit ever, but really shes fat, and hairy.
she thinks everyone is her friends, but they all hate her cause all she talks about is her.
shes the girl that sits there and talks about how she as no ass becuase she lost so much weight when really, she didnt lose any weight, and she never had an ass.

shes really fat, usually has a unibrow, and shaves her back.
dyes her hair abnormal colors, and looks like Whitney Houston.
*imagine sitting at lunch with her in the cafeteria*
girl-"hey marina whats up?"
sasquatch-"OMG,billy broke up with me, and now im going out with loren, but i still like billy, and still like loren, but idont know, lorens soo anooying, omg, and like soo is billy, but i really like billy you know???!!! OMG, i lost so much weight i dont have a butt anymore!!! isnt that amazing??!!! OMG, my aunt wont let me get my hair cut for 150$ so i have to only get it cut for $130, how lame is that?!?!! OMG,guess whos talking shit??!! wow what haters. PARTAY HARD BITCHES PARTAY HARD."
girl-"wow thank you for telling me things, I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT!"

by debra whittington April 05, 2008

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