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When you open the door with out any screens to let the cool air in the house because you do not have air-conditioning.
The trailer's front door was wide open letting in all of the flys from the chicken farm where he was a migrant worker,to let in the fresh air because mexican air-conditioning was better than none at all.
by Deborah Lee June 03, 2006
Originally known as Chamblee. It was a nice neighborhood in Atlanta in the 1970's. Many Asians moved in and the name was changed to Chambodia because it started to look like Cambodia.
I freak out when I have to go to Chambodia to catch the MARTA train to Atlanta.
by Deborah Lee July 02, 2006
A snake's belly slides right along the ground as low as any animal can get.
His reputation was lower than a snake's belly.
by Deborah Lee June 02, 2006
the vicarious sacrifice of losing ones balls. Can happen at work, in a relationship or while playing sports.
Chris had a testiculectomy preformed when he was holding his girlfriend's purse at the mall.
by Deborah Lee April 30, 2007
a device used in the movie MEET THE PARENTS II that Barbra Steisand carried around with her to show couples how to have better sex. Adds for the LIBERATOR can be seen on the internet and in the back of magazines. It can be changed into many different positions to get the best angles for sex.
With the LIBERATOR the octoganarians were able to get into positions to have sex that have not been possible since their twenties.
by Deborah Lee July 01, 2006
to have your definition show up on URBAN DICTIONARY'S home page.
I don't know if I can talk to you anymore, I was urbanated today.
by Deborah Lee September 10, 2006
When someone is being stubborn.
I wanted Billy Bob to throw the ball to the inside but he was being muleyheaded.
by Deborah Lee June 03, 2006

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