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People who have lots of money...Correction, people who have parents with lots of money. They go into "urban" Neighborhoods because they have culture and personality and the hipsters want to appear "hip" and "cool" to all of their rich friends. not really understanding that when they move in the rent goes up and the "average Joe's" have to move out. Sending the Average Joe's into a crime infested neighborhood. Hipsters usually walk around with their nose in the air thinking they are better than everybody assuming that all human beings are "puppets in a big puppet show" when really they are making themselves look even more vapid and clueless....Now due to the economy they are sucking the very tit of humanity they once looked down upon.
Average Joe: long day working at two jobs. Time to tuck the kids in and relax...

Note on the door: *rent went up. Now pay $1000*

Average Joe: What? how can this be? I can barely make rent now and I don't want to move into the ghetto. (turns head)

Hipster (sipping a latte chatting with rich friend): Well, I decided to move here because it has so much culture and the people here are my muse I mean, ever since I moved in I have just been creating art work after crappy art work! I certainly wouldn't have had any inspiration at 740 park avenue,Manhattan.

Average Joe: I don't understand. Those Hipsters can afford the most expensive Apartment building in New York, But they decide to move here?
by debbiedowner July 11, 2009

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