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Part of body exposed when a woman in her forties squats while wearing skinny jeans.
Sheila learned not to wear her skinny jeans while gardening when the college student from next door saw her Cougar Crack.
by debbie desmoines June 02, 2010
Term for a for a fabulous concert. Usually metal or Stoner Rock. Can also be used to describe one's apparel or persona.
That concert was fabuloud.

His suit was fabuloud.
by debbie desmoines June 02, 2010
When you do not post, send or share anything you will regret later.
I am so glad I had the digital foresight not to send that email to my mother-in-law when I was mad at her.
by debbie desmoines July 11, 2011
sending inappropriate text messages usually sexual in nature and containing media.
Jim is pervexting me again. He sent me three pictures of his penis in ten minutes.
by debbie desmoines January 04, 2011
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